Down the tree-lined driveway... 

You’ll find 40 acres of lush, green pasture, for your horse.

Training & Teaching

Come learn with us at Cedar Crest Farm! Take advantage of clinics hosted at the farm. You can also bring in your own trainer!

Clinics & Events

Stay up to date with all farm events and never miss out on any learning opportunities! Come join in on events and enjoy our horse community.


Boarding Facility

Cedar Crest Farm is an oasis within the busy Atlanta area. 40 acres of pastures, arenas, trails, and ponds help anyone unwind. 





Family owned boarding stable since 1989

Cedar Crest Farm caters to riders who are looking for more in their riding, instruction, and experience with their horse. 

You can train with our on site trainers or take advantage of the clinicians that frequent the farm. 

Cedar Crest Farm has the optimum facilities for any english riding discipline. We have something to accommodate everyone, Eventing, Dressage, and the Hunter/Jumper. 


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